ritratto-M.B.-sito-2012Mario Benedetti
was born in Terni in 1938. He attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Since 1962 he has been exhibiting in group exhibitions and in one-man shows in galleries and museums in Italy and abroad. He travels frequently operating in European countries, in Brazil and in México. Since the ’70 he has been collaborating with architects. He produced sculptures in various materials, such as cement, terra cotta, glass, iron, bronze, onyx and lead lamina. Since the early ’90, in the field of graphic art he has carried out plates and prints of big dimensions at N. B. Jensen’s workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, at Giorgio Upiglio’s “Grafica Uno” in Milan. He lives in Bergamo and Milan where since 1989 he has held the Professorship of Etching Techniques at the Brera Academy.